WRO 2022



Due to the ongoing pandemic we are flexible regarding team registrations. Coaches can replace one or more team members until up to 2 days before the competition day by sending an email to ezs@wro.hu (INCLUDING: Team name, Coach, Category, Age group).

Important: after the registration is closed we will not be able to change the catering order of the team, therefore we will invoice the original ammount of catering. In case a team cannot compete due to illness please get in contact with us via email!

Teams in all categories are required to upload the signed (both by team members and the team leader) Ethics Code 2 days before the competition day the latest. This way they accept and approve to the rules of a fair competition. The Ethics Codes will be sent to the coaches after the registration period ends.
Future Innovator teams will also have to upload their project materials (including the document and the video as well) 5 days before the competition day.



At the regional and national events it is allowed but we recommend using the official LEGO batteries, because that will be a must at the International Final in case the team qualifies.

The National Final will be a one day event, therefore we reconsidered point 8.3.3 of the General Rules. Teams will NOT have to bring their robots disassembled, the robot CAN be assembled prior to the competition.

The robot, programming equipment (laptop or tablet), spare parts. The competition table, game field and game objects for the competition table will be provided by the organizer.

Yes. Unfortunately not all rules have this written but scoring in all age groups will be done like this. At least one basic task point has to be achieved to get the Parking and Bonus points.



Yes, the water pieces can be under or even inside the robot, the most important is that it fits completely iniside the start area together with the robot.

There is a mistake in the scoring rules, because it says that the chemical is worth 0 points if it is only partly inside the safe storage area. Of course 8 points are awarded for that, because it is no longer inside the factory.


A block is considered inside the laundry container if the block touches the field mat inside the laundry container. It can either lie flat or partly holded by the container itself.